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Property in Andrews County is appraised at market value by the Andrews County Central Appraisal District. The City of Andrews, Andrews County and the Andrews County Hospital District offer abatement of the property tax for the value added to real property by construction, renovations, additions, or personal equipment to qualified businesses located within the designated Reinvestment Zone.

Local and State Tax Information

2012 Tax Rate (per $100 of Assessed Value):
City of Andrews: 0.189
Andrews County: 0.3685
Hospital District: 0.31
Andrews ISD*: 1.17
Total: 2.0375

*(Tax Abatment not available from the Andrews Independent School District)

Other Taxes:
City Sales Tax Rate: 1.25%
Economic Dev. Tax: 0.5%
State Sales Tax Rate: 6.25%
Total: 8.00%

State Franchise Tax: 4.50%/2.50% (per $1,000 net taxable income/taxable capital)
Texas has no corporate or personal income tax.